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Wills & Estates Lawyer

Yemisi Abrahams and the team at Abrahams Law Professional Corporation are experienced in drafting wills and Power of Attorney documentation to ensure your exact wishes are carried out. Keep reading to learn more and contact us to schedule a consultation.


A will is a legal document that sets forth your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and the care of any minor children. We are pleased to offer our services in the preparation of wills.


Self-Proving/Testamentary Will

A self-proving will, also known as testamentary will, is the traditional type of will with which most people are familiar. It is a formally prepared document that is signed in the presence of witnesses.


Holographic Will

Holographic wills are written without the presence of witnesses. They rarely hold up in court.


Oral Will

Oral wills are spoken testaments given before witnesses. They are not widely recognized from a legal perspective.


Living Will

A living will has nothing to do with the distribution of assets, but rather sets forth your wishes for medical care in terms of life support should you become incapacitated.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document which authorizes someone to act on your behalf in a number of matters, including:

  • Negotiating cheques or promissory notes

  • Purchasing, selling or dealing with stocks and bonds

  • Collecting rents, profits or commissions

  • Managing, buying or selling real estate

  • Conducting business operations

  • Deciding issues about personal care


A Power of Attorney terminates upon your death, unlike a will which provides for the handling and distribution of your estate after your death.


The person who gives the authority is called a donor or principal. The person to whom authority is granted is called an agent, donee or attorney.


To ensure that both your personal and financial interests are upheld should anything happen to you, we offer services in the preparation of Powers of Attorney for both personal care and property.


Probate is the process that transfers legal title of property from the estate of the person who has died (the decedent) to their proper beneficiaries. The term probate refers to a proving of the existence of a valid will, or determining and proving the identity of the legal heirs if there is no will. Since the deceased can’t take it with them, probate is the process used to determine who gets their property.

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